Object Conservation and Restoration

We cover a diverse range of objects from archealogical finds to works of art. We employ a mixture of approaches from adhering to the ethics of conservation through to complete restoration work. Scroll  down to see a few of these works. More projects are further detailed on our ‘Projects’ page.


Conserving Medieval Tomb Fragments c.1370.

Showing one of two fragments. This decorated stone fragment is from Sir Walter Manny’s burial tomb dated c.1370. The decoration you can see is original. We cleaned, revealing a simple stencil design (see the painted red section), and took paint samples to further understand and document the historical materials used.


A Late Lowry, Oil on Canvas

Strong light shining through the back of the canvas shows the extent of areas of loss on this late L.S. Lowry. There was a significant amount of paint loss, delamination and previous unsuccessful restoration attemps. We cleaned, consolidated, filled and retouched.



This papier mache 1920’s shop dummy head had been over-painted. Careful paint removal, refilling and some retouching revealed a much more pleasing appearance.


Carved Wood Polychrome and Oil Gilt Cherubs

It is important to retain the integrity of an object, here cleaning and structural repair of these cherubs was carried out whilst retaining their patina.


Conserving Organ Pipes


Top left. The cleaning and part restoration of this lovely simple set of front pipes from Sherburn in Elmet, near Leeds was carried out in the workshop. The mouths were oil gilded and stencil designs were carried out in oil.

Top right. Here we conserved and restored the front and bass pipes of this gorgeous Thomas Nicholson organ at St. Hilary’s Church, Spridlington. Much attention was given to cleaning and preserving as much of the original as possible, where necessary, we reinstated the gilding and the designs. A resounding success!


Conserved and Restored Frame and Oil on Canvas

Hatchments are not generally considered works of art but that view does not affect how we approach our work. All objects are treated with the same respect.
Cleaning, consolidation, canvas repair, filling, varnish removal, retouching and revarnishing was applied to this large oil on canvas. The frame was investigated for its original finish and this was reinstated.


Chatsworth House Chairs

We restored ten chairs bought from the Chatsworth House Attic Sale. All ten were in a very poor condition. Later restorations were removed, insect infested elements relpaced and paint samples were taken to gain information of their decorative history. Our client requested the chairs be decorated as they would have been in the 18th century, with two having gilding applied. We hand mixed flat oil paint to match the original colour. With all decoration in place all chairs were caned.


George Henry Strutt Portrait


A watercolour portrait of George Henry Strutt (1829-1895). The painting required a light clean and retouch to damaged areas.


Restoring a Coat of Arms

An honour to restore the decoration on Dick Reid’s OBE apprentice piece.



Restoration of the Thomas Nicholson Organ Pipes

“…all paintwork had been carefully cleaned and restored by Nigel Leaney and Sue Lee of Lincoln. Now seen in its full glory, the colour of these front pipes is astonishingly rich.

They were in a mess, and I watched the painstaking attention you put into bringing them back to life. I have no hesitation in commending you and your work”.

Canon Peter Godden

St. Hilary's Church, Spridlington 2008