Specialist Decoration

This is where we get creative

Our specialist decoration includes faux finishes such as marbling and woodgraining, wall paintings, murals and signwriting. These disciplines are an historic decorative craft and, where possible, we usually use traditional materials and techniques to recreate them. Woodgraining and marbling is often found in historic interiors, we restore these and also create new spaces using this very rewarding art.

We have created a separate gilding page here due to the volume of work we do with both oil and water gilding so please visit there for more information on gilding.
Scroll through the slider and see below for examples of our work. For more details on various historic decoration projects please go to the Projects page.

Traditional Woodgraining

This photo shows work in progress oak graining a door in oil. The ground coat and scumble were hand mixed to produce a typical 18th century finish that was employed in a boys school.
Where we are required to restore/conserve historic woodgraining we take paint samples and colour match to the orignal colours/scumbles which enables us to faithfully restore historic grained finishes. Go to our Projects page to see more details and information on our woodgraining adventures.

Oak Grained Trompe L'oil 18th Century Interior

An oak grained interior library with Trompe L’oil panelling. Private residence. 2011.

Faux White Marble Ionic Column

During the process of marbleising. Here we were creating a white marble finish. Sheffield University. 2013.

Trompe L'oil Dado Rail

If it’s missing, paint it. A painted dado rail created to replace a missing section. Wollaton Hall, Nottingham. 2008.

Walnut Woodgraining

Woods vary greatly in their appearance. Here we are creating a painted walnut finish. Once varnished and polished it looks like real walnut.

Mural - Creating Livia's Illusionistic Garden

Here we recreated Livia’s illusionistic garden to fit an unusually long Victorian space which is now being used as a breakfast room looking out onto the garden. Private residence. 2019. More details on this project can be found on the Projects page.

Traditional Signwriting

When we are not conserving and restoring signs we create them. Here a traditional Box Office sign was commissioned, having gilt lettering on a simple oak grained background.
We also produce traditional and contemporary reverse painted and gilt glass signs. See our Projects page for examples and also the gilding section for more information.

Creating a Painted Porpyhry Finish

Porphyry is an Egyptian granite and is mined to extinction. Occasionally it can be found in historic interiors and on furniture. Here we are creating the finish using oil based paints and two paint brushes.

A quick photograph during a marbling project.

Finding Someone Who....

“Finding someone who is skilled at gilding, wood imitation, paint finishes and signwriting is a challenge for members of the public…..we have been very pleased with the work which Sue has carried out for us and would have no hesitation in recommending her to others requiring her particular skills…we shall call upon her again”.

Frank & Helen Kirk