Gild It Like Kent

This William Kent (1685-1748) cornice is original and retains its original gilt finish. Other features and mouldings in the room such as the shutters, door and window architraves, door mouldings, dado rail and skirting mouldings were oil gilded and toned to match the original finish.

Victorian Stencilled Ceiling

This church ceiling had not been cleaned since its installation in the 19th century. Years of candle burning had blackened the surface condiderably, in some areas to a near black finish. Conservation cleaning was prescibed with, where necessary, some restoration. All designs and colours can now be seen and appreciated. This project was hugely successful on a practical level but also gave the sanctuary space its quiet beauty back. This work is further detailed on our ‘Projects’ page.

The Tudor Dormitory, Magnus House, Newark

Conservation cleaning, consolidation works during the converting of Magnus House for what was going to become The National Civil War Museum, we discovered historic graffiti carved into the original lath and plaster panels, the earliest dated 1608. Various names, dates, symbols alongside a bit of heraldry were discovered. This work is further detailed on our ‘Projects’ page.

Conserving Graffiti

Conservation cleaning and consolidation was carried out on post WWII graffiti that was discovered when panelling was removed from under a stairway at Wollaton Hall, Nottingham. The space is jam packed with many names, addresses, dates and declarations of love. Some individuals may still be alive but most certainly there will be living relatives.

Reinstating Our Heritage

Where possible, We employ traditional materials and techniques to achieve a faithful representaion of an original work. This image shows the reinststatement of an historic design previously found on a church ceiling. This work is featured in the ‘Projects’ page under St. Mary’s Church, Derby, Lady Chapel Ceiling.

Paint is Intrinsic With Architecture

How we see architectural detail and the overall view of a space is greatly influenced by colour and design. We believe stone was made to be painted. Here we have reinstated previous colours found during paint analysis and created a new scheme with that information.

The Cleaning of a Bell Tower Ceiling

A cleaned and restored bell tower ceiling.

The Conservation of a Medieval Wall Painting

The remains of a medieval painted design was conserved and consolidated to prevent any further deterioration and to preserve it for future generations.

Attention to Detail

We never leave a stone unturned, we look and then look again to ensure we have all the possible information required to conserve and restore an interior. This work is usually carried out by scientific analysis, on site investigations and research.

Cleaning Painted Surfaces

This early 20th century painted panelling was dirty and had ‘bloomed’ significantly resulting in the colours and designs being greatly affected. After careful cleaning the colours and designs were brought back to life.

We conserve and restore historic interiors. This work takes us to some unusual places through to the more traditional settings. We usually manage a project from its inception to its completion allowing the project to develop a natural flow, although sometimes we complete smaller briefs where only a certain element may need our attention.
Our knowledge and understanding of historic interiors, paints, historic decorative crafts through to conserving and/or restoring these spaces is what we do best.
Scroll through the slider above to see some examples of our work. Some of these projects are further detailed on the ‘projects’ page.

Restoring a Church Interior

“Eskdale Restoartion led on a project to restore the interior of our church, stripping the lilac emulsion off marble columns and decorating the church in a sympathetic and elegant colour scheme with highlights of gold stars on the domed ceiling and gold detailing on the columns. The team were a pleasure to work with, finished on budget, ahead of time and with work of the highest quality. They helped us restore our church to its former glory and have left us with a stunningly beautiful interior.”

Fr. Joe Wheat VG

Nottingham 2019