Conserving Restoring Creating

When we are not conserving and restoring our history, we are creating it.

The Wren Library at Lincoln Cathedral.


Broadly speaking to conserve an object or interior is to prevent further damage and arrest decay so as to maintain the integrity of an object or space.


To restore is to take an object or space back to a previous state.

This is the historic court room in Boston Guildhall. We restored the interior to a previous decorative scheme.


In addtion to our conservation and restoration work we employ a wealth of skills, both modern and traditional, to create our own art and spaces. Here is the recreation of Livia’s Garden.

“I felt I had to thank you in writing for the wonderful mural you have created in our conservatory. From concept to completion I have found the journey fascinating and I am blown away”. P. Pyle, Hertfordshire, 2019.

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We hope you stay a while to browse and see what we get up to. We love our work and we take pride in everything we do whether it’s conserving, restoring or creating.

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